Sri Lanka : Covid 19 Update – 25th October 2021

Sri Lanka has been one of the very few success stories in the COVID-19 fight in 2020.

In the first phase, India’s small southern neighbour has kept its Covid numbers extremely low, and the number of deaths from the disease has been relatively small..

However, since the month of July 2021, there has been a marked increase in the number of cases of Delta variants. At present, Sri Lanka is trying to contain the spread with lockdown and vaccine rollout.

You can find the latest numbers here‚Äč

  • Populatin : 21 millions
  • Total Cases :536,084
  • Total Recovered : 503,388
  • Total Deaths : 13,611
  • % Death : 2.5 %
  • % Recovery : 92.9 %

- On 2nd August Sri Lanka reported 2,420 new cases.

- On 9th August Sri Lanka reported 2,961 new cases.

- On 16th August Sri Lanka reported 3,435 new cases.

- On 23rd August Sri Lanka reported 4,304 new cases.

- On 28th August Sri Lanka reported 4,596 new cases.

- On 3rd September Sri Lanka reported 3,308 new cases.

- On 12th September Sri Lanka reported 2,642 new cases.

- On 16th September Sri Lanka reported 2,271 new cases.

- On 24th September Sri Lanka reported 1,621 new cases.

- On 9th October Sri Lanka reported 726 new cases.

- On 17th October Sri Lanka reported 578 new cases.

- On 23rd October Sri Lanka reported 554 new cases.

International travel

Sri Lanka is now open to tourists from all countries. Sri Lanka Minister of Tourism Prasanna Ranatunga made the official announcement during a press conference on Thursday, confirming they would reopen the country's borders from January 21. Both of the country's international airports reopened on the same day.

The Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau has set up what it calls a “Safe and Secure” bubble mandating pre-departure PCR tests for tourists, restricting their stay to designated high-end hotels and beach resorts, and allowing access to select tourist spots, to limit visitors from mixing with the local community.

To travel tomorrow, we have to stay safe today..........