Why visit India & Sri Lanka

India & Sri Lanka are blessed with a fascinating variety of fauna and flora in different topographies. From high altitude deserts, snowy mountains, grasslands and forests to lakes, rivers and oceans that support and preserve an exceptional range of wildlife that include the elusive Snow Leopards, Bengal Tigers, Leopards, Elephants, One-horned rhinos, Blue Whales and an incredible array of birds, primates and many more species . 

  • Only place to see Tigers
  • Only place to see Asiatic Lions
  • Best place to see Leopards
  • Best place to see Snow Leopard
  • Best place to see  One horned Rhinoceros
  • Best Place to see Asian Elephants 
  • 3 types of Bears
  • 19 types of Primates
  • 84 types of butterflies
  • 1,400 Species of Birds
  • 22 Biosphere reserves
  • 33 Ramsar sites