Website Contributions

We are sincerely thankful to our friends who kindly  let us use their wonderful images on the Wild In Soul websites

Santanu Majumdar Majumdar

Namal Kamalgoda

Namal Kamalgoda is a wildlife conservationist and a photographer from Sri Lanka. His photography talent for wildlife is unveiled with a fresh and unique perspective through the lens of his camera. His distinctive style celebrates Sri Lanka's rich wildlife diversity with a greater love for Wilpattu National Park. The habitats of the animals are also captured with such brilliance that the dense jungle becomes a delicate and safe habitat for the wild to live in. Namal is not only a photographer but also a conservationist and has served and is serving on numerous conservation NGO’s namely Wildlife and Nature Protections Society (WNPS) and the Federation of Environmental Organizations (FEO) to name some. Therefore, his photographs are characterized by his love for wildlife and conserving them. He has mastered the art of photography as a self-taught photographer ensuring the emotion and timelessness of the animal kingdom with underlying the plea of saving them is captured through his photography. Most of his key captures are published in three coffee table books giving his work recognition and the animals of Sri Lanka the chance of conservation. Namal also co-owns and manages Wilpattu Safari Camp a location loved by Wild in Soul to take their guests. There is much to learn!! 

Vaijayant Verma - Designed the logo

Malathy Knight

Malathy is a travel, wildlife and photography enthusiast (with her most memorable adventures combining all three with her six-year old son). Her love for the outdoors was nurtured during her childhood, growing up in the hills of the University of Peradeniya, Kandy. Her amateur photography career has been a bit shorter: she picked up her first DSLR in 2017 and has not let go of it since. Malathy is a Ladies' College, Colombo alumna, graduated from Swarthmore College, USA with a BA in economics and political science and holds a PhD in economics from the University of Manchester, UK. Currently, she is a research consultant at Verite Research, Colombo. In her "plentiful" free time, Malathy enjoys reading, editing her photos, and classical music.

Ranjan Josiah

Ranjan schooled at Trinity College Kandy and is currently the Coordinator of Hope Youth Foundation, an independent non-profit organization established in 2009 to provide a support system for youth in a safe and caring environment so they may grow to be healthy, self-sustaining adults. Ranjan who is strongly committed to conservation and a greener Island, considers himself a true lover of wildlife and the environment and of having a passion for nature photography. His hobbies as Music, photography, Sports and Wildlife and anything with an adrenaline rush.


Sriyan De Silva Vijeratne

Sriyan yearns for travel and relishes the great outdoors and wildlife. He enjoys photography and music and is passionate about Sri Lankan. He is the Group CEO of Abans, holds a First Class and a Masters, was MD/CEO of Teejay Lanka PLC, and previously the Country Manager of Microsoft. A former Peterite, he has several academic and business awards to his credit and is a frequent speaker at leading forums locally and globally. He is involved in chambers and in local and global charities and served many years on the Director Board of Youth Business International, which is one of Prince Charles’ Charities in UK. Sriyan is currently the President of Wildlife and Nature Protection Society (WNPS) which is the foremost conservation organization in Sri Lanka having just completed 125 years. It is the third oldest conservation organization in the world.

Aditya Singh 

Aditya is an avid wildlife photographer, conservationist, activist and a trained engineer. He possesses a deep-seated travel bug that is focused on venturing into the natural vistas of the world. His images have enthralled many and have given him a following worldwide. Institutions and individuals alike seek out his knowledge on wildlife and habitats. He has lent his expertise to BBC, Nat Geo and many very well known photographers like Andy Rouse, Theo Allofs, etc. He has a natural flair for adventure and can keep everybody enthralled with his good sense of humor. Born in Allahabad, he has spent his childhood all over India with a large part of his education years in New Delhi and Bangalore. Aditya moved to Ranthambhore in 1998 to serve his true calling to the natural world.

Migur Shakti - Ladakh